students in hall way

On Wednesday, August 23rd, the Chester High School had their annual Open House. Chester High School held this event to let the parents know what their children should do everyday at school. The parents can also learn if their children are doing what they should be doing. For lunch, the parents were given Domino’s pizza.
The parent or guardian of the child visited the grade school and met their child’s teacher. Then when the child moved to high school, the parents lost that opportunity. So the high school came up with this idea of having an open house and have the parents feel like freshman again. The parents got to experience our schedules and meet our teachers, so they know the personality of our teachers and know how the parent’s children act in class.
It was attended by the parents or legal guardians of Chester High School’s students, teachers, paraprofessionals, and other staff and student helpers.
The parents had many positive comments about how the night went and what they though of the theme and the event. One of the parents said, “I liked being invited into the school to meet the teachers. It was a cute theme- Saved By the Bell- a show from the 90’s I grew up with. The prizes were based off the theme- I won a “Zach Morris” ornament. We were given our child’s schedule and had 4 minutes (like you do) to get from class to class. It was stressful! LOL. A fair amount of parents attended” (Stepanie Kennedy).